Problem Toenail Issues---Detailed Pedicures

          When you have experienced a detailed, thorough, under a lighted         magnifying glass Manicure & Pedicure, you will know the value of a true

                               professional detailed service.
                                     Quality Time Spent    



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Gift certificates are available and make excellent gifts for friends and family! Men love foot treatments-they don't realize how good their feet can look and feel!

Special Focus

      on those       

 55 years & over  

As we age our feet and nails need help so I cater to those that need that extra attention. The salon is wheel chair assessable. Easy access pedicure chair.

La femme Salon 
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Specializing in pedicures that need extra special detailed care.  Utilizing a variety of products and techniques with 27 years of experience to solve unsightly nails on feet and hands.

La femme Salon's atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable and very private with typically only one client at a time for special attention to your needs. I love to serve my Lafemme Latte's. 

Insulin Diabetics:  Please consult a podiatrist for your foot care needs.

Under a Magnifying Glass.

Quality time spent on each client. Not a discount salon approach to nail care. I am serious about healthy nail and foot care!

  Our Services


  • Detailed Problem Pedicures
  • Foot Callouses/Cracked Heel
  • Fungus looking toenails
  • Extreme Neglected Feet
  • Thick, discolored toenails
  • Dry, rough thickened heels
  • Nails separated from nail bed
  • Ingrown Nail Issues

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A safe Pedicure

A plastic liner is used for each client's pedicure.  I do not believe in the whirlpool approach-although nice-I feel there are too many drawbacks for the client's health.  A SAFE PEDICURE comes from an experienced nail technician who knows how to treat feet-NOT A FANCY CHAIR!

Ingrown toenail care pedicure in Scottsdale. 

Pedicures in Scottsdale.

Pedicures and Manicures in Scottsdale.

Detailed Pedicures ingrown nails in Scottsdale.

La femme Nail Salon            Pedicures

Call Diane for appointment at: 602-908-5070 or leave a text.




 Managing Ingrown    Nail Problems with       proper nail care.    


Pedicures in Scottsdale