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What makes me different?

My sincere approach to heal problems with fingernail, toenails, heel skin issues, within the scope of my license. 

A feel good manicure and pedicure does not address true painful problems people experience with improper foot and nail care, or the do-it-yourself approach to solve those problems. 

I schedule the time necessary on each client's problems to manage each person's needs at hand.  If any issue is out of my scope of care, I always suggest the client seek a medical professional for that care.


New customers walk away with knowledge of how to care for their feet and nails, at home, to heal problems between appointments. 

Healthy beauty, less chemicals, and a natural approach to foot and nail care is the owner's mission. 

Client's really do experience "Feet Appreciation",because their feet feel so good!







Established in 1989.  Originally, a full service salon located in Arcadia and then in South Scottsdale. 

Through the years, the owner, Diane, became interested in problem feet and nails.

 La femme Nail Salon has evolved into a personalized, one client at-a-time service, where individual needs are met in a private setting.

Customers have become clients maintaining original and first clients for over 29 years.

       The Owner:

 Diane is the Owner/Operator of La femme Salon/La femme Nail Salon.  She has a true passion in helping those with unsightly  and uncomfortable nail issues and heel problems. 

She has over 27 years experience in nail care.  Diane has a sincere desire to help those that need extra special attention and care with their hands and feet. 

Her approach is a more natural method of correction, which has saved many clients from ingrown toenail surgery, or taking harsh prescription drugs to correct nail fungus and yeast issues. 

However, she is the first one to suggest her clients seek the opinion of a medical professional if the issue is outside the scope of her training and/or nail technician license. 

Clients continue to travel from all over the Valley to see her because they experienced real results in clearing up ingrown toenails, cracked heels have healed and improved fingernail and growth and toenail improvement. Although, some toenail cases are impossible to heal.

Also, removing imitation nails because of the growth system presented that really works!


    La femme Nail Salon

Meet the Owner & History