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All of these clients are now following an at-home protocol to help heal and manage their fungus, nail separation and/or ingrown nail issues.

 1 and 2:  98yr old women. Excessive dry skin and fungus nails before and after pedicure.

 3 and 4:  Before and after pedicure-fungus man's nails. 

5 and 6:  Fungus nails women's one foot before and after pedicure.

7 and 8:  Fungus nails, excessive dry skin women's feet before and after pedicure.

9 and 10:  Man's fungus nails and excessive dry skin before and after pedicure. 

11:  A properly healing reattachment of a lifted/separated toenail due to sports injury.  Pedicure treatment every three weeks.

12:  Man's lifted/separated "great toes" in the healing/reattachment process. Nail separation due to sports injury. Every four weeks pedicure treatment.

Before & After Photo Gallery